Includes several detailed
Case Studies complete with videos, transcripts and supporting slide decks

About Us:

Steve Towers, your host for this series, is the CEO of STI and founder of the BP Group.
He specializes in helping organizations realize the benefits of effective CX.

Mastering CX for Business Success at Every Level

Explore the Potential & Opportunities of Effective CX Measurement

Dive into a series of case studies and best practices in CX measurement over the three weeks.

🚀 Revolutionary Innovations: Transforming complex processes into streamlined experiences.

🏆 Impactful Strategies: Gaining deep insights into CX enhancements affecting the bottom line.

😍 Transformative Potential: Case studies showing significant cost savings and revenue growth.

📈 Week 1: The Transformational Power of CX
Uncover how one organization dramatically altered their critical customer experience, revealing the 'triple crown' of CX in the US automotive industry.

⚠️ Week 2: The Pitfalls of Incorrect CX Measures
Discover the consequences of not using the right CX success measures through an insightful case study.

🔍 Week 3: The Future of CX Metrics
Shift focus to the emerging practices in CX metrics, moving beyond traditional approaches like NPS or CSAT.

🔮 Week 4: Anticipate the Unexpected
Prepare for an insightful reveal of the 'Champs' case studies and a glimpse into the ACX program for 2024. Case Studies include B2C, B2B, Non-profit and public sector.

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